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Carday Associates, Inc.
A Pioneer in the Industry
In 1947, the Taft-Hartley Act was passed permitting joint labor/management welfare and pension funds. In 1952 Carday Associates, a partnership, was formed to provide consulting and administrative services to these new funds. The partnership was started by Carlton R. Sickles and David Goldberg with a staff of about sixteen employees. Carday Associates was instrumental in designing and establishing many of these new funds in all parts of the country.

Carday Associates incorporated in 1959 and today is a leader in the administration of all types of multi-employer benefit plans, including but not limited to health, pension, apprentice, training and education, and vacation funds.

Carday Associates, Inc. has its headquarters in Columbia, Maryland and operates three branch offices. The branches are located in Hagerstown, Maryland and two individual branches in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All of the offices have a complete staff of employee benefit experts to serve our clients.

Carday's co-founder, Carlton R. Sickles, was continuously active in the firm, except for four years while serving as a congressman for the State of Maryland, until his passing in January 2004. An innovator and leader in the industry, he held such prominent positions as president of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, the largest non-profit educational organization in the field, and president of the Association of Private Pension and Welfare Plans.

Simone L. Rockstroh, daughter of Carlton R. Sickles, took over the helm as president of the corporation in 1997. Her credits are outstanding and assured the continued leadership of the corporation in the employee benefits field. She is a frequent speaker on a wide range of employee benefit issues and has served as an officer on the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Board of Directors and on various committees for the Foundation.
In 2011, Christopher E. Brecht took over as the Chief Executive Officer. His career with Carday started in 1995 as the Operations manager, and he has held postions of increasing responsibility since then until becoming the CEO. He is a frequent speaker for the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. 

The Carday staff is made up of account executives, managers, and supervisors who along with unionized clerical personnel, are fully qualified to handle the needs of our clients.
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